Unsure When to Ask, How to Ask, Or What to Ask For?

´╗┐Want to Craft Your Request for YES?

You're not alone! Whether you're negotiating a job offer, a promotion and raise, or a merit increase, I want to show you how! I want you to ACE your negotiation!
This workbook gives you step-by-step strategies to negotiate any offer successfully. I'll show you how to identify your "fair market value," gather your DATA and concisely communicate the compelling business reasons for your request. I've also included customizable scripts to use in every step of your negotiation.
I've got you covered! I beta-tested all of these strategies during my 25-year corporate career.
I've shared my strategies with hundreds of women, and a few men, in my private coaching practice.
Now I want to share them with you!
My name is Lisa Gillette, and I am a EQUAL PAY ACTIVIST.

The Strategies PLAYBOOK for

Every Successful Salary Negotiation

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Salary Negotiations Playbook